7th Annual FITTED

FITTED is Toronto’s unofficial car show season opener.  Positioned early enough in the year for most to unveil the work that was completed over the winter months.


There were a few builds I was keeping an eye on.  Including Miro’s Camaro.  I’ve seen the unfinished item on a few occasions but the fully finished unit is IMO the best build in the GTA, period. Hence why I thought it was appropriate to award Miro with our Favourite Ride Award.  Low, long, wide and sleek with a supercharged LS and Viper 6spd.  I’d call it pro touring with proper stance. The pro touring cars over the last decade, look great but a lot of them are ruined with terribly offset wheels.  Its not a biased opinion from some scene kid.  There is no good reason why a lot of those 6 figure cars are shod with terrible fitment.  ( LINK ) ( LINK )   Even looking at it from a muscle car/ trans am/ race car point of view.   The big wheels, sunken in look, while tucking no tire looks horrendous.


Stance kids, muscle car guys, hot rodders, classic car guys, low rider guys, they’ll all love this thing.  Cyrious Garage definitely built a great car.  One I hope to catch a glimpse of a few more times this year.  I was unfortunately busy for most of the day.  But I grabbed as many pics as I could.


The Euro contingency this year was strong. There were a few Benzs and BMWs I had not laid eyes on previously.  Including Chad’s 300e below.  Sporting, I’m pretty sure 1 of 1 set of Messer wheels in Canada.

I’m leaning closer and closer to selling my E34 to grab an E39.



Quebec does VWs better than anyone.  Boosted, VR6, wagon, Works, flares, Passat.


@cimonbrouillette ‘s S chassis.  Rare sight.  A 240 in one colour.





Spoon fed.  @jdmwoody’s Civic is one of the most flamboyant cars in Toronto.  But the colour combo definitely works well.

f79 Quebec girls do it better.  Not only it is a rare Sunny GTiR, it has awesome Hella lights and Fifteen52 wheels.


Lukas brought out his van instead of his Beetle.  I’m not mad, its on coilovers and 20s.



Banana for scale.




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