A look back at Eurokracy 2015

As I pack up for Eurokracy 2016, I’m taking a photo dump look back at 2015.  Most if not all of these are David’s pics as I was too inebriated from all the Coors Banquets the night before.  I hope to not repeat the same mistake this year.


You know you’re doing well when you can machine your own wheels and totally rebuild a car in a year. #UNIXPerformance


Quebec does VWs better than any one in North America.

em1 em29 em33


Last second Eurokracy Prep.  Since it was David behind the camera he didn’t capture many non VWs.  He suffers from VW-mania.

em3 em2 em4 em5 em14

Hopefully this year I won’t put of posting the photos for a full year.  Hopefully

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