Eurokracy 2016

There are only a few things Quebec does better than the rest of Canada.  Poutine, complaining about NHL trades and car shows.   They’re exceptionally good at all 3.  Eurokracy raises the benchmark every year.  Sergio, Ric and Jesse continually improve the show that IMO is better than the show at H2o or Waterfest or anything else in the North East.  Its THAT good.  Its at a great venue (Circuit iCar), houses upwards of 1000 cars, 100 of which are sectioned off as the Top 100,  has tons of vendors, cars tracking the circuit and ripping it down the strip, their neckbreaker event and their now famous burnout competition keeps visitors busy for both days.


Perhaps another thing, Quebec does well are VW builds.   The amount of epic VW builds at the show continues to increase every year.  There was no shortage of Golf and Jetta builds.  Builds in the fullest sense.  There are multiple Mk1s and 2s that you know are well into the $30k-40k+ range in terms of build cost.
eu44This red Jetta MK3, above, with Epsilon mesh wheels just speaks to me.  For whatever reason, I come back to Mk3s whenever I see them at shows.  Silver TT on SSRs.  I love the JDM and Euro mix.  Its not often you see a re lipped SSR mesh wheel, let alone on a European car.


We initially met Stephen and his S3 down in New York.  Mauncho and I took a quick vacation south of the border a month or so ago, to meet up with some car friends.  Of the cars I saw down there.  Stephen’s S3 stuck out the most.  Its one of a handful of S3s in North America, its on 3 peice LMs and it makes a stout 577whp.  Its basically a supercar in hatcback form.


When weird cars were the norm.  The 90s saw a slew of cars that were just down right weird.  The Corrado, SVX, Fiero, AWD Mid engined Toyota Siennas, Suzuki x90s etc.  Its refreshing seeing those eccentric cars built to the tits.  This Corrado really grabbed your attention.  #pussymagnetyellow


Typically I’m not a huge fan of the front mounted face look.  Or Mk4s but something clicks together on this white car.  I can’t but love it.


We presented this MK1 with our Favourite Ride award a few years back.  Its great grabbing a look at it again.


Outside of VW, I think BMW had the biggest presence.  The builds in the BMW community aren’t as extensive as the VWs.  But they’re cool all the same.


Sure, maybe its an M3 ruined.  But I’m certain the owner gets full enjoyment and satisfaction out of its ownership.  That should be what the car scene is about.  Do what you want, not what others think the car is meant to do.


Another M ruined or another satisfied Beemer owner?  I’ll go with the latter.  #blackandwhiteaffair


I believe this car went through 2 cracked barrels during its Eurokracy journey from the GTA and back.  At least it made it back home.  Gold on red is a combo that will never die.  Every time I see an e30, I think I should sell my e34 and give into the coupe life.  Then I realize the inflated E30 prices are too rich for my cheap sensibilities.


Liveries are the new thing this year.  Misha’s bagged E39 was turning heads all weekend.  #marlboroman  But credit where credit is due.  The Donk guys did it first.  I remember looking at old pictures of Caprices with Lucky Charms, Newport, and Skittles branding all over it.  At the time I thought it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.   Now ten years later, I’m sitting here photoshopping varies logos onto my car.


Having watched tons and tons of videos on Kazaa and the like in my youth.  I was initially more of an import guy than a Euro car guy.  Its nice to have a few Japanese cars sprinkled into the show. And I’m sure the complaints are few and far between when they include cars like @chetflix’s bagged GTR.  I heard a few people rag on this build.  “Why would you bag a GTR?”  Who cares?  The car is probably his daily, its probably never seeing the track anyways.  Go complain about people who buy GT3s and never track them.


MUCH improved.  This Subaru was sporting a massive wing and massive camber last year.  I’m not sure if it changed hands or if the owner smartened up.  But this years version looks much better.


Who goes to a Euro show to look at bagged Preludes in the parking lot? …we do.  This Honda was frickin immaculate.  Great wheels and fitment, a sweet bag setup.eu24

eu46The biggest draw at the show is the burnout competition.  The #burnoutslut was built specifically just for this show.   They’re a crowd favourite every year.  And with a turbo sticking out of the hood like that, its easy to see why.  They even went out to swap wheels and tires and came back for a second go.


The award for the loudest car, goes to this Mk2.  This car pops louder than I thought possible.  It also laid down a solid burnout.



What’s clean enough to win its class in the show and shine and then put down an awesome burnout?  This 3.6 swapped MK6.


Things started out well for this Mk3…..then it blew up.  Rods were thrown, holes were made.


If biggest clusterfuck was an award, this would win.   What used to be a 240 Volvo, is now a roof less, window less, land boat?  The weird part was that huge dent through the trunk and bumper….it wasn’t there at the start of the day.



Biggest surprise goes to this Subie.  I sounded way to smooth and put in too little effort to roast the rear tires.  We knew something was up.  It sports a 2j swap.  #2jallofthethings


Chalk this down as another hugely successful Eurokracy.  I’ve been going to this event since its inception, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  Onto Eurokracy 2017.

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