TedFest 2016

TedFest is THE local BMW meet.  What started out as a small BBQ/meet has turned into a relatively large BMW gathering.   It brings out a bunch of BMWs I would otherwise never see.  Alpinas, Z1s, E21s, 2002s.


I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a 2002 on the streets, but a whole slew of them showed up to the show.   Literally a group of 5-6 cruised in together.  I think there needs to be an E34 group of the same sort locally.

This profile of the 2002 will shape BMW coupe for the next 2 decades.  Flat hood, flat trunk, Hofmeister kink.



W21s seems to be the lost child in the 3 series lineage.  There’s lots of info and media featuring the 2002, e30, and E36.  The E21 just seems to lag behind.   I’m not sure why. It might be the best looking.

tf6You can also see the 3 series progression from its big brother the 2002.  The round lights and painfully straight body lines evolved over 20 years to produce this M3.  This M3 Evos with BBS wheels is just about perfect.  Unicorns do exist.   tf14

I’m typically not a convertible fan, but E30 verts are ok in my books.


All of the Alpinas came out of the woodwork.  Or I just don’t go to enough BMW gatherings.  I’ve always loved the Alpina graphics, they remind me of Tron. They have that perfect 70s vibe.


tf8My two favourite cars at TEDFest.  The Brown E12 and the WIP E28.  This gold/brown 528i grabs my attention every time I see it.  Not too low, no stretch, but damn near perfect fitment for a car of that era.

tf32tf31 tf24

The adult in me loves the E12 above but my inner child loves this E28 more.  Built by @tmwerkes, the rear fenders were hastily tacked on so that it was road worthy.  We were told the final versions are in the works now.

tf7 tf29

You wouldnt expect such a nice interior on a work in progress, but it was in rather great condition inside.


Im in love with front overs.  Maybe I should kink out the fenders on my E36?  #imkidding


I’m not sure whats cooler, those huge BBS lips or the BBS front lip.



Shark noses, a plenty.  If I were to get into an older BMW, it would probably be a 6.


The last time I saw Randy’s E46, Matt was shooting it for PBMW.


Ah, the late 80s/early 90s.  Back when you can make weird short production cars on a whim.  Steel skeleton, plastic body panels and an awesome mechanised door.  The Z1 will live on as an asterisk in car history.


Wagons do it better.  I was on the fence about E34 wagons.  For some reason I just didn’t like them.  I changed my mind recently.

TEDfest 2016.  A solid BMW event that all fans should have checked out.

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