Cars and Coffee

Another month another Cars and Coffee, even though I haven’t posted any pics from the others yet.  This was the first C&C I was able to make this year.  And I was able to catch a few cars I haven’t seen before.  Including the LaFerrari, 512BB and the 959.


My car obsession as a child was taken up mostly by the Shelby Cobra.  It was spurred on my multiple die cast cars and Bad Boys.  #L8TERQT


Mustangs have come a looooong way, from solid axle touting “Muscle” car to a genuine track car.   Is it bad that I’d rather have this than a new M4?



Where there’s a Cars and Coffee there’s an abundance of PCars.  I think this was one of the few times Engineered Automotive brought the 959 out from the back.  #worthit


NEIN993.  You can catch more of this 993 on Jakub’s Youtube channel, 911Percent.


I’m bound by the internet to post photos of the Singer Toronto car.




Old vs New.   The LaFerrari owes a lot to the BB 512. The first real Ferrari supercar.



I still never get over how small the NSX is in person.  Even the 911 beside it makes it look small.  I haven’t gotten around to editing the other Cars and Coffee events but the last one is coming up this weekend.  Hope to see lots of cars out for that one.


The only thing smaller were these two Minis.

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