Queensway Cruise Nights

Organisation, civility, and standards.   Three things that lack from every big tuner meet in the GTA.  The younger tuner crowd just can’t seem to hold its composure when they’re in a mob setting.  While they’re marginally organised, they are far from civil.  Burnouts, revving, racing up and down the aisles.  Things you only see at tuner meets.  Then there’s the lack of standards.   I’m certainly not here to see your ES1 Civic on Whistler reps or your Mk4 Jetta on Long Beaches.  Keep that garbage to the side.  They’re nice cars, but don’t crowd into the space better reserved for some actually nice cars.  This isn’t politics or anything important.  You do not have to be PC about it,  if your car sucks, the organisers should see you out.   These problems don’t rear their heads at the Cruise Nights. Hence, why I think these meets are a much better alternative.  While my E34 is a borderline classic, I decided park away from these guys, just in case.


Simplicity.  Bright coloured muscles are nice but IMO you can’t beat a simple, mean, dark themed car.



Nothing.  There is nothing cooler than a flip forward front end.  The E-type is stock, while the Challenger, barely has any stock parts left.



I don’t think I’ve met a person who doesn’t like the C2.


For whatever reason, the plain looking Nova has always been my favourite Muscle car.

I haven’t been out to enough of these Cruise Nights,  I feel like this Saturday might be a good time to go.


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