From Main to Side Chick

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This was supposed to be my beater.  My cheap, everyday, grimy BMW that I could drive daily without concern.  Now shes the mistress I only see in warm weather, and only usually on the weekends.  What changed?  She went through some cosmetic and mechanical upgrades passing through the threshold of beater status to photogenic respectability.  Make no mistake, this car is far from perfect.  There are dent and scratches on almost all of the panels, and she has bits of rust.  But she’s just that little bit too nice to muck through the winter in. The rust was painted, the skirts were securely fastened, and front lip and hoodbra were adorn.  These things really changed the overal feel.  She was no longer a beater. Thus the decision to put the livery on was made.  And with the positive feedback it receives, I think it was the correct decision.  Also, shes high maintenance. 91 octane gas, 8 hungry cylinders, and a penchant to rip through second and third at every opportunity.  These add up to astonishingly low mileage numbers.  So currently, shes tucked away, all wrapped up waiting for warmer days.  Waiting for the Full AC Schnitzer kit.  Albeit a replica kit.  Front and rear bumpers, will be joining the skirts and wing already on the car.  Along with a full set of clear lights (front, tails and all corners).  And I’m also currently mulling over AC Schnitzer badging and M5 style Ebay mirrors.  I’m currently on the fence about them.  I’m looking forward to these small changes and what 2017 brings forth.  I tell myself, I should just sell her and get an E39, but here we are 3 years in and we’re still going strong.

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