We haven’t posted here in just over a year.  There wasn’t an exact reason for it.  A few factors were involved, mostly the ease of posting entirely to FB and Instagram coupled with the lost passion to pump out material.  More so the editing a bunch of pictures solely to photo dump them online.  It was getting some very tiring. Especially when you had bunk ass Instagram and FB accounts getting massive user reach while reposting another persons work.  It all culminated into a “why bother?”.   There’s fault from our side too. There wasn’t enough of a drive to put out new and different content or switch to new platforms.  I started this site because I liked to show off ours cars and the other cool cars in the GTA through a blogging platform.  We just want to get back to looking cool and doing hood rat shit with our friends.  Having stepped back from the game for a year, we’ve come to the realisation that there are two options.  Come to a full stop or relaunch.  We’ve decided that after the winter month we will indeed relaunch.

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