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Daily Scraped #569

LibertyWalkAuto 458 at the Crooks and Castles store.

From our friend SB83. 

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Performance VW X Eurokracy X Scraped.Crusaders.

Performance VW has enlisted our help to cover Eurokracy 2013.   The article was published in the April issue.  The Scraped.Crusaders. provided the words and images, while the Eurokracy crew provided the one of best car shows in Canada.  The issue also happens to feature UNIX Performance’s amazing grean MK1, and a bagged Audi 80.  We suggest you take a gander.


Daily Scraped Crusaders #567

@brandonmckiernannn has one of lowest E34s on Instagram.  It’s still a work in progress, however we can still admire the stance.  Luckily for me Brandon also happens to be very helpful.  He was very open in answering any questions I had about his offsets, widths and coilovers.  The modified car community is a better place when we’re nice to one another.  I was never happy giving out my wheel specs, and camber angles etc. but I knew if I could help save a fellow enthusiast some heartache, I was better off helping them.  Hopefully, I can be this low come summer time.


Daily Scraped #564

Via. Grand-Army. 

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