Euronited 2014

Tucked away at the Bradley Museum in Mississauga, Euronited put on a pretty good show this past Sunday. Luckily I had enough time to grab pics, grab lunch and get back in time for the World Cup. Oskar’s S4.  Bagged on CCWs with a full … Euronited 2014

Busy Sunday Pt. 2

So as Gill stated, I was SUPER late to Cars and Coffee due to a wicked hangover. Word of advice; $3 tequila shots are NEVER a good idea. BUT we had a busy day ahead of us and I wasn’t worried about that one meet, … Busy Sunday Pt. 2

Appeal to Reason #54

Haven’t done these in a whiiiile.  Mostly because of the ads on the right, we’re not allowed to post adult content.  We were issued a warning.  Let’s see how this goes. Teal ass.