Daily Scraped #497

Mojocoggo has started a new portfolio website.  We’ve posted many of his old photos before. He’s definitely one of our favourite photographers.  Check it out.  Original Plate.

Hood Rat Status EG

Love/hate.   Do it because you love it.  Do not compromise if others will hate it.  That’s the attitude Jake Looney put into his EG.  And I fuckin love it.  Following trends?   Sure, who doesn’t?  If you do it well, it works. Your name, Your car: … Hood Rat Status EG


First gen Subie Legacy Wagon with a turbo swap, BC Racing Coils, STI sway bars and a couple other go fast bits. 🙂 Courtesy of Noyst.

Mr. ING Again?

Some people really hated Mr. ING’s front splitter on here, JDMR and Stanceiseverything.com.   They said it was out of place on the GS.  Lexus themselves don’t seem to think so.  0-60 Magazine and Lexus created this awesome car for SEMA.  Mr. ING was definitely on … Mr. ING Again?