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Scraped Crusaders at Spring Fling Via Dave

Spring Fling this year was bigger  than we anticipated. I do not remember the last time the venue filled up so quickly.  Though, the weather forecast helped.  I think its about time a new venue is used.  Photos by David Morgan.


I for one felt my stock E34 was better suited across the street.  Since I had the car straight piped the day before, a few ricer flybys were in store…..worth.  The rest of the crew was relegated to the far grass as Adrian’s newly turbo’d Mk2 was acting up.


Not often do you see this big of a generation gap at one event.  I’m not sure I can chose between the two.


I might be slightly biased, but Mauricio’s Mk2 is still my favourite.


Mk3 on reverse mounted RSIIs.  Such a different look to my old set.


Of course I’m posting the only e34 from Spring Fling.


David’s remaining photos.



Vagkraft 2013 by Matt

This year Vagkraft for me was seen from a much different perspective than usual, and that was the perspective of a vendor. Even though the Pfaff Tuning booth did need attention, I was able to slip away and snap some shots of cars that really stood out to me, so here are my personal favorites.

My all time favorite car of the day. Hats off to the owner.


Have to give props to my bro for winning this year for the third year in a row, killin it!

IMG_0349 IMG_0339

Sean’s beautiful mk3, we wish you a full recovery my friend.

IMG_0323 IMG_0316

AirAssisted showed up with their laid out 50’s Ford pickup, showing everyone in the air game how it’s done.


Ladeedub’s City got the air treatment as well, and it was oh so good!



Frankie though not in the show, still creates a buzz everywhere this car goes.

Vossen had a good presence at the Tuning booth this year.


Second favorite to the TT was this Beetle, god I couldn’t get enough of this thing!

You know when there is that one car every year that sticks in your head, and you keep seeing it at all the meets and shows, but never meet the guy/girl…well that is whats happening for me with this E30 M3. (and even with this love, I still didn’t get a full shot of it <– idiot)


Lets not forget Carm’s E30 posted up right next to the M3.


And if Carm is there, you know Manolo is there :P

IMG_0317 IMG_0319

Sniped Dave…but he noticed.


Shayan’s beauty B6


Luxury Abstract wheels making an appearance.


Other mentionables.

IMG_0332 IMG_0329

All in all another great year for a very chill show. Good friends, good crowd, great prizes and some sweet cars.

On To The Next One……Eurokracy.

With Fitted now complete.  We can focus our attention on Eurokracy and our planned Kruise.  Dave of Stanceiseverything fame has decided to come along for the fun as well.  In order to better plan for this even, we ask everyone who is participating to signup to our discussion forums, specifically the Eurokracy thread.  This will allow us to have a general idea on the size of the Kruise.  We are not doing this for profit, and will not charge anyone for participation.  We know how hard it is to get people to signup for something.  So in order for us to put in a proper effort, we are asking for your co-operation as well.   So if you are planning on coming, please post up!


Since the Scraped.Crusaders.  have been a main stay at Eurokracy since day one.  We’ve decided to setup a booth at the show.  We will have both stickers and tee shirts available for purchase.  It would not be possible without the Eurokracy crew.  Rick, Jesse, Sergio and Kia.  Our plans are to have Eurokracy’s reigning Best BMW champion, Steve’s SR Powered E30 holding down our booth.

8886490116_1d5dbed520_h 8886473672_0770ac3bde_h

Fitted Pt.3

Sooooo, Dave’s way better at this photography game than I am.


The fam jam….with new duds.

8863978328_6d1f9b8c14_h 8863948352_3bf23c76db_h

It was nice to have almost all of the Scraped.Crusaders. cars out for the show.


Deal with it.


We’ve been dealing with ShinzoWerks since we first started making stickers.  I am still a proud and happy customer.

8863961814_bb6e88b42b_h 8863953562_38ad5499e9_h

Everyone needs that Eurokracy cap.  Pick one up in a month.  And check out the Airsociety’s lineup while you’re at it.  100% VAG.



Subaru Spring Fling 2013

Show season is finally underway in Toronto.  Today, Dave and I made our way to Burlington for Subaru Spring Fling.  Frankie joined us later on.

LEGIT Graphics’ Bugeye.



My shitbox with Frankie’s B5.

Sub14a Sub20

Chris Johnston’s Miata.  Fuckin love it.


Y For U post non Subarus?  Because NSX.


Sub27 Sub13

Weekly Scraped.Crusaders. Meets

Admittedly it started out as a VWVortex meet.  But we’ve outgrown that to include more none VAG cars.  Also the Ontario VWVortex forums sucks camel dicks right now. The weather is finally cooperating   More summer tires will be out in the near future.  :)

Deathlens waiting on his compressor. 8650033539_29354a0821_h
Steve’s daily, with a fresh new cut.  ;)8649969831_cb8e7e3cac_h8651041312_447ec2ef20_h
Danny being Danny.8649992789_77411c37ae_h
We have too many Mk2s.8650136385_f3945ab6b5_h8650010601_f92d417f1d_h8650177841_a8972bc9f4_hFreshly bagged.8650071087_66f4f884c7_h8650082515_9476250fff_hDat stance.8650155825_378336a63c_h

Sterling Tire.

Keswick, Ontario.  Home of Sterling Tire.  Worth the drive.   I was in need of some rear rubber.  Since I ran 215 40s in the rear last year.  I wanted a slightly chunkier chunkier 205 40 to keep the outer diameter and rake the same as last year.  Ended up with Nexens.   Almost identical size to my previous setup.  I had planned on taking more photos but found out the hardest part about taking photos is just remembering to take more photos. lol.  I seem to do that all the time.  Dave and I shared photo duty.  Still only managed 4 good ones. We did catch Jimmy from Pfaff Tuning in his M3, on the way back to Toronto.  OOhhh lawwwwddd.  That e92 sounded good.