One More Sleep.

Almost there.  We’re leaving for Montreal tomorrow morning.  For anyone who’s coming along and is unfamiliar with the group.  I’m the brown dude (Gillbert), in this heap.  Or say hello to either driver of the Audis in the below (Kruise Info link).    Okay, well it isn’t a Euro car.  But this was all I […]

The Neckbreaker.

Eurokracy is only 5 days away!!   New for this year is the Neckbreaker. “Eurokracy Montreal: Canada’s Finest European Automotive Event is proud to announce in conjunction with AccuAir Suspension and Unitronic, the world’s very first closed circuit low car competition simply titled “The Neckbreaker””

Airsociety X Scraped.Crusaders. at Fitted.

In anticipation for more Air Society/Eurokracy X Scraped.Crusaders. content in a months time.  We did a little shoot with Rick from Air Society and our own Frankie. It was a last minute deal, Rick had a 3 am drive from Montreal to get to Toronto on time.  He had other plans for the day. I […]

On To The Next One……Eurokracy.

With Fitted now complete.  We can focus our attention on Eurokracy and our planned Kruise.  Dave of Stanceiseverything fame has decided to come along for the fun as well.  In order to better plan for this even, we ask everyone who is participating to signup to our discussion forums, specifically the Eurokracy thread.  This will […]

Fitted Pt.3

Sooooo, Dave’s way better at this photography game than I am. The fam jam….with new duds. It was nice to have almost all of the Scraped.Crusaders. cars out for the show. Deal with it. We’ve been dealing with ShinzoWerks since we first started making stickers.  I am still a proud and happy customer. Everyone needs […]

Scraped.Crusaders. X Eurokracy Kruise

This idea came about pretty fast.  After viewing an Air Society post about Eurokracy’s Hotel of choice.  I mentioned the Scraped.Crusaders.  contingency of 20 or so people strong.  Rick from Air Society quickly replied with an “if you organize it, they will come” proposal for a Toronto to Montreal cruise. So…. we’re doing it. Friday, June, 28th, […]