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The Caped Crusader Loves His 8

Appropriate reaction in my books.  It’s a shame his date thought otherwise.


Scraped Crusaders | H2Oi 2013

As seen by Matt.

Enjoyed this year a lot more and didn’t shoot as much, but still got enough to throw together a little video…hope everyone enjoys.


Disclaimer*   Mauncho is drunk as fuck at the beginning of the video.  It was taken 10 seconds after changing his clothes on my rear seats.  Contemplated burning those seats.

Deathlens Shoots Pt.1

Not sure why this is the case, it just is.  We’ve never had a shoot with Dan’s car before.  With an interior like this, we have no excuse.  Full S5 Interior (front and rear), along with door insert done by Stu.  Almost too nice to sit inside.  The car is also for sale.


Peanut butter jelly time.


We also took a few of this nice B6.

IMG_4467 IMG_4465

Citroen C-Elysée WTCC 2014

The 2014 season if the World Trouing Car Championship is shaping up.    Citroen has announced a full 3 car factory team lead by NINE time WRC champ Sebastian Loeb.  He will pilot the new C-Elysee saloon car.

Citroen-WRC-C-Elysee-13 Citroen-WRC-C-Elysee-23

Honda is currently the only other confirmed factory squad.  Lada are assumed to have a 2 car outfit with a new model introduced in 2015.  Subaru and Renault are considereing a factory team as well. The blue and gold NEEDS to be racing again.  It’s been too long.

The video also shows us the upgrades the new 2014 cars will receive.  The new cars are 100mm wider, increase wheel size to 18 from 17s., will allow more aero development and will allow a huge rear wing (parralell to roof height).  Unseen are the inclusion of Macpherson strut setups, flat floors, an increase in hp to 380hp (from ~320-330hp) and a shedding of 50 kilos.  I don’t think they’re as cool as the supertourers with modified suspension pickups, lowered engine mounts, trick differentials, trannies add electronics, dumped on 19s

Volvo S60 Polestar

I always post Chris Harris videos.  Won’t be disappointed with this one.  506hp S60 and a C63 for measure.  The drift Chris pulls off at 4:59  in the Merc is awesome.

Macca’s Future Benchmark.

Uggghhhhh, jaw dropping.  I’m not a fan of the orange and black two tone paint jobs we’ve seen.  I think a single tone paint job would suite this car more.  It is hands down the best looking camouflaged car I’ve ever seen.  Should be one of the OEM paint colours tbh.   The Pagani Huayra, Ferrari F70, Porsche’s 918 and 960 and this P1.  The next generation of hypercars.  Even as a Porsche shill, I don’t beleive even thier 960 will surpass this car.   mclaren-tests-its-p1-supercar--image-mclaren_100417131_l mclaren-tests-its-p1-supercar--image-mclaren_100417130_l mclaren-tests-its-p1-supercar--image-mclaren_100417132_l