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Bruce Thomson Studio

F1 is  just a few months away.  The constructors will be unveiling their cars all throughout the next two weeks.  So i decided to post these concepts for the 2015 season my Humber College Industrial Design professor Bruce Thomson.  He’s ok I guess.  More of his work can be found HERE.

2015-mercedes-w06 thomsonstudio_2015_mclaren_-mp4-301 thomsonstudio_2015_ferrari_f151 thomsonstudio_2015_redbull_f11 thomsonstudio_2015_lotus thomsonstudio_2015_williams_fw37_concept

CIAS 2014

Early February means one thing for us…. we get to attend press day for the Canadian International Autoshow.   We are privileged to be accredited media for the event.  Roaming the show floor with only press minus the hustle and bustle of the general public is a totally different experience.  We are allowed to take much better photos and get a more in depth and personal experience with most of the cars.  We’re not in the market for a 6 figure luxury sedan anytime soon, but it’s nice pretending for a day.


The Mclaren P1 is hands down THE one car you need to see at the CIAS.  It is the new bedroom poster king.  Taking over from our  F40, 959, Countach, and F1 posters.  Pfaff also brought out their MP4-12C Spa-F and roadster to the super car hall.  While the Heffner Turbo R8, Porsche 964 Turbo and Mercedes SLS Roadster were among their other display cars in their other display.


One would think racecars standing still are a sad sight.  They unfortunately can`t be racing all of the time.  Luckily they look just as fast standing still.  Can`t get enough splitters, diffusers, wings, toe hooks, centre locks.


Road cars and concepts make up most of the show floor.  The last few photos show off an awesome paint finish from Ferrari.  Also great shades of blue from BMW and Subaru.



SRAutoGroup out of Vancouver, B.C.  produced these two black beauties.

The first McLaren kit that I think actually looks good (DMC product).  The stance is also nice. The wheels not so much.  You can’t win them all.


Whistler bound?



Longing for Yesteryear.

The FIA announced the other day that the season finale race will now award double points.  DAFUQ?  No don’t give single points for pole or fastest lap, let’s double the points for the shit show that is Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi.  They also scheduled the American GP (in Texas) the same day as the NASCAR race in Texas. Genius.  Who runs the FIA? Rob Ford?  I’ve been an F1 proponent for years, even though I know the product is sometimes suspect.  But COME ON, listen to the fans for once. We can’t go back in time for low downforce, wide, big tire’d, balls out cars anymore. But these retro liveries, liken to bygone years of smokes and retro graphics, make it possible for us to time travel..sort of.

All images produced by CdeB Design.   

Mclaren 3-4FW1997FW15CF310lotus GLTyrrell 1992Ferrari villoRE20 

McLaren P1™ vs. the Nürburgring-Nordschleife

Got chills down my back watching this video. As much as I wanted the Porsche 918 to beat this car, I just can’t see it happening.  There was a time when a sub 8 minute lap meant you we’re in the big leagues.  Now youre hypercar needs to break into the 6s.

Also foudn this quote over at Jalopnik in the comments:
“There’s a McLaren dealer going in across from our Porsche dealership. In talking with those guys they said they contacted the manufacturer about the ring time as they have sold some P1’s and the customers want to know. McLaren told them the P1 ran a 6:47 on street tires and a 6:33 on slicks. The only reason there holding back on releasing the time is because there waiting for Ferrari to release the LaFerrari’s time first so Ferrari doesn’t use their time as a benchmark and try and go beat it”

With Ferrari being the sly pricks that they are, I can almost gaurantee they will either up the boost, run race slicks or over power their KERS just to beat the time set by Mecca.

Porsche 911 Turbo S vs McLaren 12C

My man Chris Harris, testing out a Porsche and a Mclaren yet still has time to slag Ferrari.  Got damn, the Porsche has so much wheel gap.  As a Porsche fan boy, I’m not sure which I’d rather have.

Cars and Coffee Finale Pt .2

I’ve grown to really like these meets.

We have a weakness for redheads.

Though, she won’t take the place of our number one love, the GT3RS.

ccf10 ccf11ccf21

A set of wheels, makes SUCH a huge difference.


Never have I seen body roll like this thing.



Gran Turismo 6

Still the benchmark in terms of console simulators.  Can’t wait to pre-order.