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Subaru X Volkswagen X MDMVisuals Update

It’s been a while since we’ve posted Mike’s Subaru swapped Karmann Ghia.  LINK.  He was recently able to touch up his paint, add a few leather bits and button up a couple more things.  it isn’t up and running just yet, but when that does happen, we’ll be sure to post the videos.


Those leather straps look MONEY.



I can’t believe this was a spray job.  I’ve seen factory finishes that look worse than this.  Rajiv, gives his approval.




Subaru X Volkswagen X MDMVisuals

Mike’s taken his time to do things right.  It looks like his Subaru powered Ghia is really close to ticking over for the first time.  Fingers crossed.





Mike was one of the first people to shoot my car.  Its awesome to see he’s still shooting out west.   We’ll also be posting more of this, his Ghia project car soon.


There shouldn’t be a car guy on the planet who does not like these.  Red wheels, white walls, black car. THE hot rod combo.

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Leavenworth Drive.

There are a few shows on the West coast that we’d love to visit.  Leavenworth Drive is definitely one of them.  Mike McConnell had the chance to go this year. Looking at these pics, the East coast is missing out.







Scraped Wallpaper #10

Mike Joe is dead long live MDM Visuals.   With a new name comes new wallpapers.   The first time I saw Mike and his MK1 was on the 401.   Driving while DSLR in hand, tires on the roof rack, driving past our convoy (heading to spring fling) at 120kmph+ snapping pics.   Since then, I’ve known Mike was serious about his VWs and photography.