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Spring Changeover.

Made my way back up to Seven Automotive to lower my coils, have my wheels put on, and get an alignment.

I think I may need new lug nuts.


The Nexens from Sterling Tire. Wanted the tire to be in similar size to the 215 40 Falken 512 I had last year.    No rubbing so far, so I think I went with a good size.

wheel11 wheel14

Deceptively clean fender.

wheel4a wheel13
So glad I got the lips done at Precision Rim Repair.  Such a big difference from last year.
wheel5a wheel9a wheel10

Precision Rim Repair.

We like shinny things.  When Geoff and I decided to get our wheels refinished we wanted to have the best.  I’ve always been impressed with Dave’s (of Works.  So I went to the shop responsible for polishing them.   Precision Rim Repair.  They are more than just a polishing shop.  They correct bends, re weld cracks, sandblast, strip, and overall perform miracles on damaged wheels.  While dropping the wheels off Ric found a crack on one of my barrels.  Fortunately, I was already at the right place.  It was welded up while the set was getting polished.  Geoff`s LM`s are currently getting a polish job too.  Along with a few dents straightened.
Pics of my beebs soon.  This preview will do for now/  😉

Geoff’s LM faces.pre13
This one will be repaired.9
This one unfortunately is too far gone.  The face itself was warped lol
Ric’s wintermode Subie.  For quotes and other inquires go to Precision Rim Repair.  Or email Ric at  Just one of TWELVE Te37s a customer brought in for refinishing.Pre17




Winter Grime

Grimey, can also be used to describe these pics.  I thought I’d take those cool closeup shots of wheels before a rebuild.  They look like crap.  AS do the wheels right now.  Soon to be mirror polished lips at Precision Rim Repair. Faces are staying copper. :)  Will be posting pics of the results.  Will have to step up my closeup wheel pics game.

wheel 1 wheel2