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Berlin Klassik 2014 via Geoff

This was our second year a Berlin; personally I like this show due to the wide variety of Euro cars. I did a little more shooting than previous shows this year but unfortunately without the use of a polarizer some are a little…bright.

I always try to get as much Audi coverage as possible but there weren’t that many..sadly.

IMG_9945 IMG_9964 IMG_9968 IMG_9971 IMG_9979 IMG_9981 IMG_9983 IMG_9992

BMWs are always abundant

IMG_9947 IMG_9948 IMG_9982 IMG_9990 IMG_9993

A couple of my favorite wheel and/or brake combos

IMG_9986 IMG_9939

Stu showcasing his work with a booth this year


Does Size Matter?

Formula1 is looking to switch to 18 inch rubber, up from the current 13s.  Ironically for aesthetic reason.  Yes, because all the penis nosed cars, as per the rules, are held back in their beauty by the small wheels.  Realistically, the 18′s allow Michelin to enter the sport again.  They have indicated they would only be interested in returning if they were allowed to design 18s, along the lines of their sportscar tires.


Boonies Bash 2014

TOPP Drift is really the only one holding it down in southern Ontario for drift events. People young and old travel hundreds of kilometers to come to these reckless (but safe), fun events.
The way the events are run are like none in the world (except maybe gatebil). The 13 cars on track limit leads to plenty of awesome tandems.  It trains and pushes you as a driver to get comfortable in a track environment around other drivers.

This last weekend TOPP hosted its first two day event, Boonies Bash 2014. It was an awesome time out and we all had a ton of fun. Thanks Blake for throwing these awesome events.

PITL Autocross.

At the recommendation of a co-worker, I made my way to a PITL autocross even last Sunday.   As Bramalea Go Station is just 5 minutes away from my home, I had no reason not to go.  I’ve always been interested in autocrossing my vehicle.   The variety of vehicles goes to show you that there are no wrong vehicles to go autocrossing in.  Light nimble Lotus Elans and Mazda Miatas to big lumbering Acura TL and Subaru Legacys.  Although the BL Legacy that day had a fully stripped interior, with a single bucket and some motor work.  I think I’ll wait until my coilovers are on (mid to July) before I even attempt an autocross event.


I love when “newer” family sedans are turned into weekend warriors. This car had NO interior.


I also love when older gems get thrashed.  The Lotus in particular was amazing.

ac14 ac17

If there are any two budget weekend cars anyone should consider.  They have to be a Civic or a Miata.


Not everyone’s cup of tea.  914