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Natural Habitat.

If there were a brand made for this winterscape its Audi.  Moreso an old Audi.  An RS2 and an S2.  While the Subie handled itself well in the snowstorm this morning, I would have much rather had that RS2.


Iced Over.


Iced over.  Toronto was hit with a major ice storm a few days ago.  Power outages (still ongoing for some), split trees, downed power lines, slick roads and iced over cars.  I was greeted with this on Sunday morning.  A nice even coat of winter iced encasing the entire car.  The front doors were frozen shut.  My ice scraper was of little use, as it was IN the car.  Since this POS is now my winter beater and will be driven into the ground, some swift kicks to the rear hatch dislodged enough ice for it to open.  After some backdoor entry, and kicking open the drivers door open from within, I was able to start it up and start scraping the ice.  20 minutes later the windshield was cleared AND cracked.  I didn’t bother clearing the rest.  I made my way over to Geoff’s and then headed to Dan’s.  He was the only person with power.

Happy Holidays!!  Hope yours wasn’t as icy.

ch3     ch8


Season Has Scaled Down.


Its off season for us.   Not much on the docket.  Dan is working away on his Caddy, Adrian on his motor build, I’m looking for a new car,  Mauncho is shopping for items for his new ride, and a few other things in the works.  That’s about it. Nothing major and no real progress in the last few weeks. The start of winter is usually the lull before the winter builds start going.  Headed over to Dan’s in the winter beater.  The Subie will not be seeing summer anymore, good riddance.  Still dumped though.  :)


Dan and Geoff decided to build on a smaller scale.  1/24th to be precise.  I sort of wanted to join in too.  But I have issues with patience….I have none.  I’d end up tossing the kits out after a few days of painting, gimme Minichamps and Autoart die-casts over these any day.  I MIGHT end up changing my mind later though.

Dan bought a 993 GT3, Tom Kristensen DTM car and a VW golf.   Geoff bought a Mike Rockenfeller DTM car.


Not a whole lot was accomplished as time was taking up watching Pacific Rim.  Engine components mostly.



Swift Subaru Swap at Seven Automotive

Neglect will kill anything.  I did not take care of my old ej22.  Winters usually meant bouncing off the rev limiter every snowy turn.  Summer meant the car would over heat and I’ll forget to change the oil.  It’s taken it’s turn at both running without coolant and running really low on oil.  Even through all the neglect, I still ran her for 130000+ VERY HARD kms (335XXX in total).  She finally kicked the bucket last week.  So I gave Seven Automotive’s Owner Tyler a call.  And asked him to swap in the 2.2 that I’ve had in Brian’s garage for a good 9-10 months.  EJ22, rebuilt heads, Delta cams, unequal length headers.  Liking it so far :).    I am far from comfortable when it comes to working on a car.  Its a good thing, Brian and I didn’t decide to swap it ourselves.  We definitely forgot a few things.  Tyler got the swap done in no time.  While I did have to wait for the heads to be rebuilt and a few other parts here and there.  The actual swap itself looked like a breeze.  As it should be for a guy that swaps ej20s and ej25s multiple times a week.  We will be featuring much more content from Seven Automotive in the future.  Including his GC coupe.  As for my heap,  I have a lot more in store for her.  All of which you’ll see here.


Shenanigans …..In Video.

Hey Farva…what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit?  Video shot and edited my Matt Morana.

Snow Shenanigans

We haven’t had any photo shoots as a group this winter.  We decided to gather 5 MK2s and do what we do.  But before that some of us watched Dredd at Matt’s house.  Verdict:  The movie is awesome.
Parking at Matt’s.
Everyday I’m shufflin.
Uncle shows up in his s4 just when we were leaving.
Off to the Pickering GO Station lower level.  Grabbed SOME photos, it honestly felt like I took way more photos.
It took us a while before we realized the higher levels all had snow.  As SOON as we hit the top…..we needed shovels.  By we I mean everyone without a Subaru :).  Even Matt needed help.  In his defense, he went looking for a big mound of snow.
The top level was pretty much a small oval, with LOTS of snow.  I for one had lots of fun.  And by the looks of it, Matt Morana did too.feb27
Cheater pics.
Dem boots,Danny.
Dave’s dafuq are you doing James? look.  Not a lot happened in this sequence apart from burning the clutch. lol
I’ll try to post up some of the video we took.  Thanks for coming out guys, was a good Saturday.

Frozen Friday.

Took a few shots of the wagon after work.  Photos are a work in progress for me.  I’d like to hear some critiques, if you have time to spare.  Cheers. :)

Missin a bolt.  YOLO.                             …..I’ll see myself out.
subie 4
subie 3