Ice Driving in 911 Rally Cars

Ice racing is now on my bucket list.   I’ll substitute the Porsche and Sweden my my Subie and Northern Ontario.  It will have to do.  The bit about studs is fascinating   I would watch he shit out of a show that just talks about different tires from different disciplines.

Chris Harris Takes on The 86.

Yup, it’s Harris again.  I think I love this guy.  To me these 11 mins were better than the entire last season of Top Gear.  Really, it’s a GT86 driven at Jarama by Chris Harris.  What’s not to like? The last few videos with Chris Harris are from the Drive Youtube channel (LINK).  It’s a […]

RS200 vs. Sport Quattro

Ford vs. Audi.  It’s funny how two relatively unsuccessful Group B cars still go on to define the catagory today.   And fortunately for us it’s Chris Harris doing the journalism.   No pompous Jeremy Clarkson diatribes.  Also Chris can actaully drive, he doesn’t need a stuntman.  Let’s leave Top Gear for the kids folks.  

God Amoungst Men.

Chris Harris is just that.  The honest journalist, who is now banned from driving any Ferrari press vehicle (actual fact), takes his own Porsche GT3 4.0 out for one last drive.  Ya, I’ll just eat my breakfast on the rear wing, NBD.  I like journalist that actually tell me stuff about the car, like Harris, […]