CSCS at Mosport. Pt.1

It has not been a good week for me.  Speeding ticket, an accident in Detriot, and pulled plates (still unresolved).  It was good to get my mind off of things.   CSCS at Mosport.  Brian was kind enough to drive. Still lovin this MR2 we previously saw at Fitted. After the Chrysler 300 I fender […]

CSCS at MoSport DDT

It was overall a very good CSCS event.  We arrived a tad late due to CPT.  Thus we missed the BC Racing EK civic flip onto its roof 🙁 These are unedited track pics.  We’ll have more drifting and show photos later. Fastest time of the day for NV. Auto`s GC Impreza Coupe. Sorry dude, […]

CSCS This Sunday.

A few of us will be heading there.  I’ll have stickers on hand for those interested. 🙂