Jess Kang’s EF

Older stanced cars are my favourite.  Whats better than showing an older chassis some love.  No need to scrap them.  They may not have the same part support as newer cars but they make up for it in character.  Jess Kang’s EF is one such example.  The parts list isn’t extensive.  The final product that […]

H2O International 2012 | Scraped Crusaders | Part 1

My part one from this years trip to Ocean City. This year seemed to be a total 180 from what we came down into last year. Nearly no rain, clear skies, nice weather, and a hell of a lot of dope cars. It seemed this year the outcasts were even more prevalent then years before. […]

H20i Meets and GTGs Pt.2

Geoff somehow still has photos to post.  Latest batch of pics. Bagged STI on Tiffany wheel. With the ’59 finned Benz and the gold and bronze Benz taking much of the attention, I think I like this one the most. If I were to get a new car….a b5 a4 wagon would be top of […]

Scraped Subaru Photoshoots | H2Oi 2012

Seems odd posting a subaru shoot from H20i.  But thats when happens when you’re friends with Matt Berenz.  I was able to convince him to take a few snaps of Trent’s bagged Impreza Outback, Brad’s Legacy GT and my own Legacy Brighton.  Unfortunately we did not have enough time at our first location to get […]

Kristoff’s E28

Deathlens finally got the chance to shoot Kristoff’s BMW.  It’s been worth the wait. Moreover, it was an opportunity to get everyone out for what would have been a boring night.  Spending time with the brosephs is what we’re all about. It isn’t over the top flashy it’s just big body sedan that breaks necks. […]

Spring Fling 2012

The Scraped.Crusaders.  made it out to Spring Fling again. It’s the kick off to Toronto’s VW show scene.  While I like VW’s the three below were probably my favourite cars of the show.  🙂  Pics courtesy of Mad.Hatter.

Strech & Poke

Stretch & Poke is almost upon us.  First one “Fitted” is May 27th.  Most, if not all of our guys will be there.  The first Stretch and Poke is always a good way to see the local cars that will be making the show rounds for the summer. The second event is on June 3rd.  […]

Racing Simulations.

Sorry for the lack of post the last few days.  Thought, maybe a writeup was in order….. I spend alot of my time on racing simulations.  I say simulation and not game because the driving environments you’re now being thrown into are used by professional drivers to not only sharpen their skills but to learn […]

Scraped Wallpaper #19 & #20

I realize I post too many pics of my pos.  But with a photographer like Deathlens, I can’t resist.  Got that Slutoween feel. 🙂 Widescreen: Standard: Widescreen: Standard:

BRB, Grocery Store!

Alot like Gillbert, I’m a sucker for wagons. I came across this MKIV Jetta on VWVortex (as per usual) and got in touch with the owner, he was more than happy to answer a few questions for me, so here is a quick feature! Thanks again Steve! -Your Name, Location, and Your Car Steve Mitchell, […]

S.C. Feature: Dave Hong’s MK4

Bags vs Static.  They both have their places.  I’m a static guy myself, but I can appretiate a bag setup on the right car.  A four door sedan with big arches like the MK4 Jetta is the perfect  platform.  Dave Hong demonstates this with “Rosemary”. Your name, Your car: Dave Hong, 2000 mark 4 Jetta […]

CSCS This Sunday.

A few of us will be heading there.  I’ll have stickers on hand for those interested. 🙂

Stretch and Poke May 2011

The first Stretch and Poke event of the year exceeded expectations.   The venue was Downview park.  Coupled with an Airshow (more coincidence than anything) it was an awesome way to start off Toronto’s show season.  Luckily the forcasted rain was puched back to 6-7pm.  Allowing us a few hours to enjoy the show and the […]