Ying Yang.

The Ying Yang Brothers.  Well not really.  These 2 guys only connection is dopeness, in the form of Lexus IS’s.  That and the fact that both are from Toronto.  The scene here has definately been heating up lately.  There’s still rice, here and there.  But cars like these more than make up for the riff […]

Ain’t That Some S***!

So as per usual, I was browsing the beloved VW Vortex Car Lounge, only to come across a beautifully built ’02 Impreza. As soon as I saw it, and scanned through the rest of the pictures of course, I had to tell Mike how well done his car was. Turns out he didn’t mind answering […]

Silver Twins

Much to our chagrin the Wednesday KC meet wasn’t as crowded as we had hoped.   The local EVO club was out in full effect though.   The club then made their way over to a local Subie meet.  That’s where our resident photographer Deathlens, setup this impromptu photo shoot of Stanley’s EVO 9 (BBS LMs) and Carson’s EVO 8 (Works).

CIAS Prologue

We’re off to the Canadian International AutoShow on Thursday.  Coverage will be up around the weekend.  Really, just using this as an excuse to post this song. 🙂   Our City, Our anthem. (sorry, some Vevo videos won’tplay as embedded, click to view on youtube)

Tiffany SE-R

Sentra SE-Rs aren’t really common in the stance scene.  So when one does show up, people take note.   This is especially true with Casper’s Nissan.  Tiffany coloured 18s?  Yessir.  This Sentra is definitely a part of the crowd that’s trying to eliminate wheel gap at all costs.  Luckily, the stance isn’t the only thing that […]

DeathLens 2010 Showreel

All the new places I have been, all the wonderful people I have met, the memories that will never be forgotten. 2010 was a year to remember. Special shout out to all those who offered support and helped me out time and time again. Expect me to step it up exponentially in 2011, plans are […]


Dumped and functional.  The British Touring Car Championship during the SuperTourer years (’89-’00) had hands down the greatest racing on the planet in the last 2 decades.  No other series came close in excitement, entertainment and charisma.  Little ground clearance, tucked tires, crazy camber, rubber band tires.  I’m describing $250 000+ race cars here not […]