Get’s the people going!

Daily Scraped #275

Matt (right) drove 1100kms to H20, another 200+ driving up and down the strip.  At 1000kms on the return drive  the cords decided to spark on the left rear.  A flatbed had to take him home.  Even still I’m sure he’ll say H20i was worth it.

Scraped.Crusaders. X Ivy League East

What H20 is all about.  Meeting new friends, cruising in cars, and taking pics.  The guys (and gals) from Ivy League East and the Scraped.Crusaders.  ended H20 in style with an improptu photoshoot.  Brian’s Saab 92-X and Ashley’s Mini were definately one of my favourite cars at the strip.  So when they were down for […]

Scraped does H2Oi 2011

How we roll……to H20.  Scraped Crusaders BBS party before heading down to Ocean City, nbd.  Feel free to say hello if you do see us down there.  I’ll have stickers on hand in the Subie for those interested.  We’ll TRY to post some pics during the weekend.  We’re leaving tomorrow evening for the 1100KM drive […]