Canadian International Autoshow via Gill

Just got around to editing the few shots I took at the Autoshow.  Not often…or ever are the stars of the show from Ford.  The Ford GT and Mustang GT350R were by far the most noteworthy cars there.  One is a legit supercar built in Canada the other is a factory V8 track.  They both […]

Canadian International Autoshow 2015 via Geoff

We’ve been heading to the Autoshow as a group for about 4-5 years now.  It’s not quite as good as it was back in the hay day when the show included the Skydome but it always has its highlights.  This years highlight was undoubtedly the cars at Ford.  Not often are we excited to see […]

Scraped Crusaders. Gran Turismo League

Its that time of year again.  Cars are put away and we have nothing to do, the few with winter builds aside.  We naturally drift towards indoors and thus video games.  Gran Turismo 6 will be released this Friday on PS3 (not PS4).  We haven’t had much if any advertisement towards the release.  I’m still […]