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Vagkraft 2013 by Matt

This year Vagkraft for me was seen from a much different perspective than usual, and that was the perspective of a vendor. Even though the Pfaff Tuning booth did need attention, I was able to slip away and snap some shots of cars that really stood out to me, so here are my personal favorites.

My all time favorite car of the day. Hats off to the owner.


Have to give props to my bro for winning this year for the third year in a row, killin it!

IMG_0349 IMG_0339

Sean’s beautiful mk3, we wish you a full recovery my friend.

IMG_0323 IMG_0316

AirAssisted showed up with their laid out 50’s Ford pickup, showing everyone in the air game how it’s done.


Ladeedub’s City got the air treatment as well, and it was oh so good!



Frankie though not in the show, still creates a buzz everywhere this car goes.

Vossen had a good presence at the Tuning booth this year.


Second favorite to the TT was this Beetle, god I couldn’t get enough of this thing!

You know when there is that one car every year that sticks in your head, and you keep seeing it at all the meets and shows, but never meet the guy/girl…well that is whats happening for me with this E30 M3. (and even with this love, I still didn’t get a full shot of it <– idiot)


Lets not forget Carm’s E30 posted up right next to the M3.


And if Carm is there, you know Manolo is there ūüėõ

IMG_0317 IMG_0319

Sniped Dave…but he noticed.


Shayan’s beauty B6


Luxury Abstract wheels making an appearance.


Other mentionables.

IMG_0332 IMG_0329

All in all another great year for a very chill show. Good friends, good crowd, great prizes and some sweet cars.

Precision Rim Repair.

We like shinny things. ¬†When Geoff and I decided to get our wheels refinished we wanted to have the best. ¬†I’ve always been¬†impressed¬†with Dave’s (of¬†Stanceiseverything.com) Works. ¬†So I went to the shop¬†responsible¬†for polishing them. ¬† Precision Rim Repair. ¬†They are more than just a polishing shop. ¬†They correct bends,¬†re weld¬†cracks, sandblast, strip, and¬†overall¬†perform miracles on damaged wheels. ¬†While dropping the wheels off Ric found a crack on one of my barrels. ¬†Fortunately, I was already at the right place. ¬†It was welded up while the set was getting polished. ¬†Geoff`s LM`s are currently getting a polish job too. ¬†Along¬†with a few dents straightened.
Pics of my beebs soon. ¬†This preview will do for now/ ¬†ūüėČ

Geoff’s LM faces.pre13
This one will be repaired.9
This one unfortunately is too far gone.  The face itself was warped lol
Ric’s wintermode Subie. ¬†For quotes and other inquires go to¬†Precision Rim Repair. ¬†Or email Ric at¬†rlotey@hotmail.com.pre8¬†¬†Just one of TWELVE Te37s a customer brought in for refinishing.Pre17




Mad Hatter’s Day at H20i.

While the show was disorganized it didn’t stop Geoff from snapping these photos.¬† North America’s largest VAG event does not disapoint.¬† The drive to the show sucked ass though.¬† Traffic after an idiot in a¬† MK5 decided to rear end an e39 (apparently this incident is stil being disputed.¬† They were allegedly street racing before this happened) and roadwork caused HUGE delays.¬† Geoff and the others arrived early in order to display their cars giving him ample time to grab shots.¬†¬†¬† Via Mad Hatter (Geoff).

“It Rubs The Lotion On It’s Skin….

Or it get’s the hose again”.¬† At Eurokracy, beer in hand before Geoffs done cleaning his wheels.¬† It went downhill after that for me, lol.

VagKraft Pt.2

Sorry for the delay.¬† These are the remaining pics from last week’s VagKraft.¬† Via. Mad.Hatter.

Probably my favourite set of wheels from the event.  Polished lips, gold bolts, white faces, reverse mount LMs.

Wide ass ūüėČ

What I wouldn’t do for this.¬† White with with blue or red trim for me though.

Y U No have bumper, Rob?

Spring Fling Vids

How we leave Spring Fling.  Also how we like to goon with two-step.