BRB, Grocery Store!

Alot like Gillbert, I’m a sucker for wagons. I came across this MKIV Jetta on VWVortex (as per usual) and got in touch with the owner, he was more than happy to answer a few questions for me, so here is a quick feature! Thanks again Steve! -Your Name, Location, and Your Car Steve Mitchell, […]

Ain’t That Some S***!

So as per usual, I was browsing the beloved VW Vortex Car Lounge, only to come across a beautifully built ’02 Impreza. As soon as I saw it, and scanned through the rest of the pictures of course, I had to tell Mike how well done his car was. Turns out he didn’t mind answering […]

Rest In Peace, Rusty

If you’re a fan of Mike Burroughs ratted out, chopped rust bucket BMW, I regret to inform you that it’s home was involved in a freak fire accident last night, resulting in a crisp old BMW. Our condolences to Mike Burroughs but I’m sure he’ll be dropping jaws and cars sometime soon. Check out the […]