Deathlens x H2Oi 2012 part 1

This man has had to go through 40gbs of video and photos.  It’s been worth the wait IMO.  We’ll also post them in 2 halves.   Altogether H20i 2012 was an awesome time.  Still more pics on the way!! Wagon fever.  So many this year. I THINK, this one had the WAGONE plate.  🙂 Mmmm, yes.  […]

H20i Meets and GTGs

The real attraction to H20i are the get togethers.  I did miss a few that I really should have gone to.  The biggest and best is the Outcasts meet, where everything non-VAG is represented.  The Canibeat meet also had a great showing.  TBH, the best cars there were non-VAG.  With the convention centre being shut […]

Scraped.Crusaders. X Deathlens at OptionJDM

Last week a few of us made it out to the OptionJDM BBQ.  Sweet get together with a lot of JDM goodness.  Deathlens put together the following video for your viewing pleasure.

Stretch and Poke 2012: Fitted

We braved the intensely overcast sky yesterday to attend the first Stretch and Poke show of 2012. Having attended MOST of these events in the past it is safe to say this show has grown exponentially and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that changing.


Get’s the people going!

We are the Scraped.Crusaders.

We are the Scraped.Crusaders. More than just a blog.  It consists of a core group of individuals that have grown into more of a family.  Originating in Toronto on the VWVortex forums, with low VWs and the penchant to scrape lips anywhere and everywhere; the name is very fitting (though obviously not limited to VAGs).  […]

Stretch and Poke: Stakes is High Part 2

Called upon the Berenz Brothers for part 2 of Stretch and Poke.  Enjoy.

Stretch and Poke 2011

Here is some coverage from the first meet up of 2011!

RoughDraft/Backstage X Dougboy’s Stretch and Poke Video

Featuring a few Scraped.Crusaders.  🙂

Spring Fling 2011 Rollers

The rollers we caught as the cars left Spring Fling.  Coverage of the actual show yet to come.  Our man Adrian had a pretty legit exit in his newly supercharged VR.  For more pics visit Mad. Hatter’s Flickr Photostream.

Spring Fling 2011

The Scraped.Crusaders. will be heading to SpringFling tomorrow. Man, I really should have posted this up earlier.  We’ll have stickers there, for anyone interested. Pic courtesy of Josh.

Stretch and Poke May 2011

The first Stretch and Poke event of the year exceeded expectations.   The venue was Downview park.  Coupled with an Airshow (more coincidence than anything) it was an awesome way to start off Toronto’s show season.  Luckily the forcasted rain was puched back to 6-7pm.  Allowing us a few hours to enjoy the show and the […]