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Deathlens Shoots Pt.2

This is Matt’s thing.  Every year we set up a few shoots.  We managed to shoot 3 Legacys, Dan’s A3, Ashley’s Mini, a B6 A4 and Anthony’s Bug.  Anthony’s Bug has gotten enough love here already.

We’ll start with Ashley’s Mini.  We first met her and Brian 2 years ago for this shoot.  That was her old Mini which met it untimely demise, earlier this year.  I like her new one more anyways.  It’s been done but the white RS, gold bolt colourway, for me can’t be beat.  In my future maybe?  On a dark car like this, it’s the perfect combo.

IMG_4444 IMG_4460

While crusin the strip we realised Roses was going down.  We weren’t sure what gtg it was, but we aren’t picky.  We just go where the people are lol.  There we saw these two Legacy GTs. Why not shoot it with my car?  Luckily Matt was down.  First time Matt had shot my heap with the new wheels on.  I think I like them.  Also, I think all three cars have the exact same lip.


2013 Rally Mexico

So are we handing the title to Ogier already?  Jebus.  From one dominating Frenchman to another.    He leads heading into Day 2.  Fun Fact:  This is Ken Block’s only rally of the year.  He’s doing quite well.  For a guy that picked up rallying as a hobby late in his 30’s, to be even on the same page as a WRC regular is amazing.

H20i Leftover’s

We’re living a forthnight in the past.  Deathlens also still has his video to produce.  lol
Brian’s Saab 92-x.

Roasting the rears on Luxury Abstracts.  Love the attention to detail on the centre of these wheels.

Fuuuu, static.

Squat.  POLINHS?

CSCS at Mosport DDT pt.2

This is a quality over quantity post.  The first was just a pic dump.  Photos by DaveM.
Staging for the drift event.

He had a hell of a time trying to keep this on track all day.

Good looking colour combo of satin grey and orange.

NV Auto, no fucks given about stance when you’re fast.

Scraped.Crusaders. X Ivy League East

What H20 is all about.  Meeting new friends, cruising in cars, and taking pics.  The guys (and gals) from Ivy League East and the Scraped.Crusaders.  ended H20 in style with an improptu photoshoot.  Brian’s Saab 92-X and Ashley’s Mini were definately one of my favourite cars at the strip.  So when they were down for a shoot, we couldn’t resist.  We also threw in our Legacy and A4 for kicks.  Brian and Ashley…..we need to set up a really big shoot next year.  :)

WRC of Old?

The contenders….

Ford Fiesta

Citroen DS3

Mini (BMW+Prodrive)

After the first day of the Rally Sweden it looks like the Loeb show might be over.  Hope to fuck, that’s the case.   I don’t hate him or anything, I just feel winning 7 titles in a row put a damper on the WRC as a whole.  We need a sorta level playing field and multiple rally winners.   Ford seems to be the big dog this year, with Citreon closely behind.  Mini will be running a part-time schedule this year, full-time for 2012.  Might have to get back into watching this WRC business again.    Now, I just need Subaru to come back :(.   Ogier, Ostberg, Solberg, Loeb, Hirvonen, Matti-Latvala, Raikonnen with Sordo and Meeke (joining in later on).   Get to know those names.  We’ll be posting more WRC as the season progresses.  At the very least watch the last vid.