Magna Cum Laude

We haven’t had a feature her in a while.  How about three cars at once? I love when photo shoot happen spontaneously.  While attending Cars and Coffee we ran into Luke and his VW friends. We knew we wanted to do a shoot right then … Magna Cum Laude

The Red Pill

There aren’t  many cars I want to (realistically) own more than an NA Miata.  Hardtop is key.  Chris Johnston’s daily is a fine example of living the Toronto life without compromise.  Just because its winter, it doesn’t mean your car should look like shit.    

Ben’s BMW.

Steve’s E30 feature or our site features in Performance BMW and Performance VW would not have been possible without Ben from PBMW.  This is his e36 wagon.  Tis a mystery why we did not get these in North America.