Megaspeed 2014 by Geoff

As Gill mentioned this event provides something for everyone; and we can certainly appreciate all Megaspeed had to offer, I even entertained the idea of trying to get my car there next year ūüôā Can’t argue with the rat rod look, it suits certain cars … Megaspeed 2014 by Geoff

Fitted 2014

There are 3 shows we never miss. ¬†Eurokracy, H2Oi and Fitted. ¬† We do everything that was can to help Dave put on a great show. ¬†We will once again have a booth setup with stickers and tees on offering. ¬†Geoff’s A4 will be featured … Fitted 2014

Natural Habitat.

If there were a brand made for this winterscape its Audi.  Moreso an old Audi.  An RS2 and an S2.  While the Subie handled itself well in the snowstorm this morning, I would have much rather had that RS2.