TOPPDrift Season Opener

Grassroots drifting in Ontario has one major hub.  Shannonville.  Its not the best facility, it’s in the boonies, its muddy,  drivers act like dickbags in the pits but it’s where the majority of the Ontario drifters show up.  The chicken fingers and poutine are actually … TOPPDrift Season Opener

FITTED 2014 via Gill

We have two commitments in Canada FITTED and Eurokracy.  These are the two events that we attend no ifs, ands or buts.  Now on its 5th year, the show decided to ramp up the quality over quantity.  I can’t remember another show in Toronto where … FITTED 2014 via Gill

Rally’s Forgotten

A few rally cars that have been forgotten.  RWD hatchbock?  Yes please.  Subarus original WRC machine, with the signiture rumble :). The RX-7…seems really slow but with sounds like that, I’ll let it slide.  Going sideways for that long can’t be fast. 🙂