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Stretch and Poke 2012: Fitted

We braved the intensely overcast sky yesterday to attend the first Stretch and Poke show of 2012. Having attended MOST of these events in the past it is safe to say this show has grown exponentially and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that changing.

Living Up To Our Name

While living in Toronto we do not have the privelege of riding on roads that are smooth as glass.  Bumps and scrapes happen, so driving low daily is somewhat of a pain.  As I found out this Tuesday.  This is what happens when a rock gets lodged under your car on the highway.   Unsurprisingly all of the other cars at stock height had no issues.   I taught that rock a leason though, dragged that bitch a good 500 yards.  But she put up a fight and mangled my exhaust.

Below, however, is something I can’t blame on our roads.  Did this all on my own :(.

I’m not even sure what the rear mudflaps scrape on.

No bid deal.  The boys at GT Custom Exhaust got me all patched up.  Going back for a custom unequal length header soon too. :)   Can’t beat these guys for exhaust.  Located in Pickering, we’re not sponsored by them or anything.  We’re just good friends now.  So if you mention you saw them on ScrapedCrusaders, we’re sure they’ll take good care of you.  They can obviously handle lowered cars. 😉

Pics by Brian Kosciuch.