Circuit Soul

Circuit Soul has been creating a lot of buzz on the west coast.  With their RWB build and grand opening last month.  I love all their Japanese influenced stickers and shirts.  Top notch designs.

Sean Edwards 1986-2013

Last week Sean Edwards was killed in Queensland, Australia. In tragic circumstances which he could not even control.  He was the passenger at a private test session.  Sean wasn’t well known in North America but her was most definitely one of the best Porsche drivers … Sean Edwards 1986-2013

The Neckbreaker.

Eurokracy is only 5 days away!!   New for this year is the Neckbreaker. “Eurokracy Montreal: Canada’s Finest European Automotive Event is proud to announce in conjunction with AccuAir Suspension and Unitronic, the world’s very first closed circuit low car competition simply titled “The Neckbreaker””