Frozen Friday.

Took a few shots of the wagon after work.  Photos are a work in progress for me.  I’d like to hear some critiques, if you have time to spare.  Cheers. 🙂 Missin a bolt.  YOLO.                             …..I’ll see myself out.

Scraped Subaru Photoshoots | H2Oi 2012

Seems odd posting a subaru shoot from H20i.  But thats when happens when you’re friends with Matt Berenz.  I was able to convince him to take a few snaps of Trent’s bagged Impreza Outback, Brad’s Legacy GT and my own Legacy Brighton.  Unfortunately we did not have enough time at our first location to get […]

Scraped Wallpaper #19 & #20

I realize I post too many pics of my pos.  But with a photographer like Deathlens, I can’t resist.  Got that Slutoween feel. 🙂 Widescreen: Standard: Widescreen: Standard:

Scraped does H2Oi 2011

How we roll……to H20.  Scraped Crusaders BBS party before heading down to Ocean City, nbd.  Feel free to say hello if you do see us down there.  I’ll have stickers on hand in the Subie for those interested.  We’ll TRY to post some pics during the weekend.  We’re leaving tomorrow evening for the 1100KM drive […]

CIAS Prologue

We’re off to the Canadian International AutoShow on Thursday.  Coverage will be up around the weekend.  Really, just using this as an excuse to post this song. 🙂   Our City, Our anthem. (sorry, some Vevo videos won’tplay as embedded, click to view on youtube)

Scraped Wallpaper #10

Mike Joe is dead long live MDM Visuals.   With a new name comes new wallpapers.   The first time I saw Mike and his MK1 was on the 401.   Driving while DSLR in hand, tires on the roof rack, driving past our convoy (heading to spring fling) at 120kmph+ snapping pics.   Since then, I’ve known Mike […]