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Brand new bag…

…well, wheels.

I have owned 13 sets of BBS, 4 sets of Rikens, 2 sets of Works, a single set of CCWs, countless OEM sets; and now, my dream set of OZs. Few wheels look as good as the Futuras; in my opinion of course. They need some work, not a lot. So they will be a side project while the LMs (which are currently being re-finished) are in use on the A4.

IMG_9114 IMG_9115

More to come as they get some love…


EuroImage Tuning

Wants flatcaps for your beebs?  These guys are pretty much the only source.  Steve and I are both extremely happy with the quality of these parts. Through my own stupidity I sent the flatcap tool to my old apartments address.  A few quick emails later Kevin at EuroImage was able to find and send the tool to my current address.

A few other satisfied customers…